Recent News

[2013.06.14] - I've made a few changes according to some of the early feedback I've gotten. Mostly, I added an image banner to each page and cleaned up my html a little bit, for ease of future revision. Some of the banner images aren't really ideal (either in terms of content, or resolution, or both), so they'll likely be changing soon. Let me know if you have better suggestions, and thanks to everyone who's helped out so far!

[2013.06.11] - And we're live!
I went ahead and uploaded the full site today, mostly just to see if I could. There are still a few small problems, though, and I'm happy to take any html/css genius recommendations on how to fix them:

1. The C.V. and News Archive pages shift slightly to the right as compared to the other pages, which is weird because I made one template and copied it over to all the pages.

2. The background pattern is horrifically ugly/ doesn't match everything else.

3. The lightbox effect on all images just flat-out doesn't work in IE.

Also, content for my fall courses will be uploaded as soon as I finish writing them, making this site at least a little bit more than a C.V. with hyperlinks.

[2013.06.10] - Welcome to my website!
Since I've got a new job that starts in the fall, I've been lucky enough to be able to take most of the summer off. Since I'll be teaching at a technical institute in a few months, I figured the least I could do with all that free time was learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript and finally build a real website.

This is version 1.0, so watch for much more content coming soon. Also, if you web design gurus out there have any suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me through one of the eleven million contact links that I've provided.